Production Group Mreza

Production Group Mreza is an independent media production outlet with over 20 year-long operations committed to respecting and promoting the utmost professional journalistic and ethical standards. From its outset in November 1997, PG Mreza has distinguished itself by the quality of its TV programs, documentaries, educational media packages and workshops. Today, PG Mreza occupies an important and prominent position in the Serbian media landscape, affirmed by the numerous awards that the PG Mreza team received for their work. PG Mreza is recognized as an envoy of the highest professional standards and values in the country as well as in the region. It has never abandoned those principles even during the turbulent events that have marked the history of Serbia and our region over the past two decades.
Our cooperation started 2016, and I am proud that I had a chance to make platform that will allow this outstanding production to share their work with audience independently.

Client name: Production Group Mreza

Date: 2016